• Glow and heater plugs
  • Stop solenoids
  • Motorcycle Components


The AET company is one of the five daughter companies Hidria corporation, which is located in Spodnja Idrija. The growth of Hidria Corporation is a result of both, investments in development, technology, new programmes, and the expansion of the global market network.

As well as manufacturing products which are later built into different kinds of engines, AET also makes products out of industrial ceramics (Al203) for both industrial and domestic use. The company was founded in 1955 to manufacture less complex metal products, and in its long history, the employees have developed four basic specialised production programmes:

  • the production of flywheel magnetos for small internal combustion engines
  • the production of components for diesel engines cold-starting
  • the production of industrial ceramics by making use of low pressure hot casting process that is based on aluminium oxide
  • the production of ignition systems for oil and gas burners

Nowadays AET employees approximately 340 people and the manufacturing plant cover an area of 40.000 km2, with 9000 km2 of covered halls.

AET Company is export oriented. We sell more than 90% of our production volume to the world markets.